Jamie grew up in Romford Essex and as a small child became very interested in music.  Whilst growing up he started out by listening to and recording radio shows.  His childhood revolved around music. Even though at school achieving grades of academic excellence he decided to follow a creative line of work as opposed to academic but in all honesty didn't have a clue what to do.  After school or at the weekends he would go searching for records and tapes at boot sales or second hand record shops.  This accompanied by his Dad's old Teac Direct Drive record player would be the very beginning of his music collection. His tastes and collection developed from 50's to 80's, soft rock to dance.  A few of his very firsts were Police, Shalamar, Frank Sinatra LP's to singles by Cola Boy '7 Ways to Love'.

In the late 90's, 2 Step Garage hit and it motivated him to invest in his first set of record decks which he bought from 'Richer Sounds'.  Then with the 2 Stanton Direct Drive Record Players and a Vestax mixer he started to practice, but decided to take a break for a short while due mainly to expense.  He was still extremely dedicated to his music and would buy and listen to as many Garage mix CD's from DJ's such as George D, Ron E to Dreamteam, Artful Dodger, Pied Piper etc. It wasn’t until a DJ friend of his asked him to help out at a gig at 'The Castle' in Newham that Jamie J wanted to use his skills and experience to launch his career in the music industry. Going on for up to an hour mixing R&B, Bashment & Old Skool Garage Jamie took his reputation to a number of local venues, where a large crowd followed. 

Bookings for venues started coming in, not only privately owned venues but also venues within Laurel Pub Company, Litten Tree's & Bar Med's and even Yates Leicester Square. Luminar also welcomed Jamie on board @ Envy Redhill for a series of Back To The Old Skool nights.

Still wanting to be more established, now having promotional material distributed across various locations such as Santa Pod by a 3rd party & a new web site (DjJamieJ.Co.Uk) Jamie decided to get into production spending hours making mash-up's and B side remixes, some of which even managed to go on sale courtesy of MP3-Heaven.org. This custom designed DJ sets made Jamie popular in various locations across the south east and abroad.

As yet Jamie hasn't made it abroad due to a constant flow of residencies in the UK but one day who knows. Currently Jamie has moved into the Weatherspoons group for an exciting re-vamp of many of their venues with two residencies @ Lloyds & cover gigs all over Kent and the South East. Coupled with the release of UK Garage 2010, this year is set to be another big one!